Housing Competition Pfrondorferstraße, Tübingen 2014

This housing project, densifying the rear area of a deep site, comprises of three interlocking volumes on a common plinth and is developed in consequence of the heterogeneous urban context, the topographical situation and the organisational requirements of housing. Reacting to the existing urban grain and to the pattern of the conglomerated surrounding houses, the differentiated building form of shifted volumes creates a distinct but differentiated edge to the southern, adjacent public green space and articulates a clearly defined entrance space to the North with two undercuts in the building volume marking both weather-proof entrances.

Beyond the urban composition, the project is necessarily seeking to combine economic criteria with spatial quality and good design for all habitable spaces. The interlinking building blocks internally create benefits in terms of the organisation and the orientation of the housing units. Variably sized lateral flats pin-wheel around two top-lit cores in the centre of the plan. This enables all individual rooms and all bathrooms to be provided good daylight and natural ventilation. The generated building layout allows all units to have dual aspect and offers loggias as private outside spaces capturing a view towards the southern, green visual amenity.

Competition: November 2014, 3rd prize
Location: Tübingen
Client: Private
Gross external area: 3,500 m²
Model: Béla Berec, Esslingen