Competition Fashion Campus, Metzingen 2015

The purpose of this competition was the development and the reorganisation of a fashion brand’s campus by proposing the location and the design of additional campus buildings as well as a new entrance pavilion managing arriving transport streams and offering visitors welcome and orientation around the existing campus.

The new main office building is proposed as a single precise volume and forms the representative campus opening and new arrival experience in combination with the new entrance pavilion and the existing campus buildings. The glazed, square welcome pavilion sits within a band of shared surfaces managing arriving pedestrians as well as incoming traffic and deliveries.

The massing and the position of the proposed office buildings acknowledge and reinforce the principle of open squares in front of the various office buildings creating a high sojourn quality for guests and employees. The external language of the buildings respects and enhances the transparent appearance of the existing office buildings on the campus. The reduced interior language intents to be background and canvas for the traces of the creative fashion design processes to be foregrounded.

Competition: June 2015, 2nd prize
Location: Metzingen
Client: Private
Gross floor area: 13,000 m²
Model: Béla Berec, Esslingen
Renders: Vizoom, Berlin