Competition Education Campus Berresgasse, Vienna 2015

The design for the ‘Education Campus Berresgasse’ in Vienna is proposed as a differentiated, complex learning location comprised of a singular big urban figure, yet in dialogue with the grain of the surrounding buildings. Therefore the project is expressed as a consciously positioned, identifiable urban ensemble but the scale of a very large education building is deliberately broken down into a series of interlocking volumes creating fluent connections between the public realm and the inner campus sphere.

Three self-similar, merged courtyard buildings and a triple height gym rest on a single storey, covered perimeter frame and hereby generate a series of public entrance squares, semi-public sport and event spaces and private, enclosed learning courtyards. The developed urban form is purposely aligned with the western site boundary to create a sufficient distance to the smaller private houses to the eastern edge and a generous green space in between containing all outdoor learning, sports and recreation facilities.

The big urban scale of the campus building is contrasted on the inside by a series of humanly scaled learning rooms and commonly used mixing areas with good daylight conditions and visual connections to the surrounding context or the green, private inner courtyards.

Open, two-stage competition: September 2015, Recognition
Location: Vienna, Austria
Client: Magistrat City of Vienna
Gross floor area: 20,000 m²
Model: Béla Berec, Esslingen