Landratsamt Reutlingen Riehle Architekten

Allmandring V Student Housing

On the University of Stuttgart’s Vaihingen campus, Studierendenwerk Stuttgart is building an additional housing complex for 350 students at Allmandring V. As one of the last undeveloped plots of land on the university campus in Vaihingen, the site constitutes the “keystone” in a series of existing student dormitory facilities and thus the architectural completion of the western edge of the campus. In addition to the special location within the campus, the larger context is characterised above all by the visual and spatial relationship to the natural environment of the adjoining Büsnau valley and by the steeply falling topography of the site.

The unique position and topographical circumstances of the site were both a challenge and the origin for the concept of the new student housing project: An ensemble of three volumes with identical footprints but different heights are grouped around a shared podium that compensates for the topography quite naturally, defines a common, public centre with good orientation, social interaction and strong identity, and establishes a tangible connection to the Büsnau valley, both visually and physically.

The separate buildings, which are deliberately pinned  to the edges of the shared podium, adopt the granular, carpet-like pattern of the adjacent developments in order to respond appropriately to the existing urban grain and to allow for good daylight and ventilation conditions within the new ensemble. As an urban accent in the west, the point of accentuated height is in dialogue with other high-rise buildings on the campus and combines the desire for urban density with urban permeability while offering student rooms with the best possible views of the campus and the adjacent countryside.    

Client: Studierendenwerk Stuttgart
Status: In planning, completion 2024
Location: Allmandring V, Stuttgart-Vaihingen campus
Gross floor area: approx. 15 000 m²
Rendering: SLAB, London
Model: Béla Berec, Esslingen

Studierendenwohnen Allmandring Riehle Architekten Lageplan
Studierendenwohnen Allmandring Riehle Architekten Lageplan
Studierendenwohnen Allmandring Riehle Architekten Modell
Studierendenwohnen Allmandring Riehle Architekten Modell