Wohnen Stafflenbergstraße Stuttgart Riehle Architekten

Housing Stafflenberg Gänsheide

Defined by its hillside situation the housing project is developed in the tension field of a steep sloping topography and impressive views over Stuttgart and defines itself as an ensemble of self-similar urban figures with a single, reduced architectural language creating a high recognition value and a clear identity.

Within tight, legally binding boundaries the project explores the sculptural quality of chamfered building forms on the outside and the flexibility of different dwelling types on the inside. The flexible organisation of private internal spaces and the clear allocation of semi-public and private external spaces are balanced in equivalence to allow for an urban density and high living quality.

The external building form is deliberately defined by setbacks and subtle deformations of deflected surfaces to express the solid buildings as boulders in a park-like landscape. Subtle nuances of hue colours emphasize the familiarity between the singular volumes. A gradient of distinct render textures from rough to refined surfaces create a facade order of base, middle and top.

Client: EPPLE ZWEI, Stuttgart
Competition: November 2017, 1st prize
Status: Design development
Location: Stuttgart
Gross floor area: 21,000 m²
Model: Béla Berec, Esslingen
Render: Maaars, Zurich

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Wohnen Stafflenbergstraße Stuttgart Riehle Architekturbüro
Wohnen Stafflenbergstraße Stuttgart Riehle Architekten
Wohnen Stafflenbergstraße Stuttgart Riehle Architekten