Riehle Architektur Oscar Paret Schule Freiberg


The town of ‘Freiberg am Neckar’ is planning to re-define its school facilities and to re-order its city centre. The competition project seeks the design of a new school to be constructed immediately next to the existing school building and - following the demolition of the existing school - an overall urban concept for a re-modelled city centre. The resultant challenge of very restricted site boundaries leads to the idea of a condensed and concentric urban figure in the very south-western part of the site.

Two mirrored, L-shaped building structures generate a carefully proportioned schoolyard, protected from the adjacent motorway. By means of a covered external space at ground level, this central courtyard is visually connected with the sports fields above an underground gym to the south and thereby manifests the school as a united ensemble. A public plaza with the main entrance to the east and a green school garden with a lowered working yard to the north complete the clearly defined and programme-specific external spaces of the school. A compact school organism with clear orientation and close adjacencies is created.

After the demolition of the existing school building, the urban idea provides a well-balanced ratio of new buildings and public space, giving the new town centre of Freiberg am Neckar a contemporary look. Five public spaces with precise contours and clear definition are diagonally connected to generate an urban and spatial structure that allows for important long views, clear orientation and multiple routes through and around the new city centre. A library directly adjacent to the new school is strategically placed to link the educational and cultural buildings with the neighboring commercial area.

Client: Town Freiberg am Neckar
Competition: January 2017, Recognition
Location: Freiberg am Neckar
Gross floor area: 24,000 m²
Model: Béla Berec, Esslingen

Riehle Architekten Plan Oscar Paret Schule Freiberg
Riehle Architekten Oscar Paret Schule Freiberg
Riehle Architekten Stuttgart Oscar Paret Schule Freiberg
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