July 2020 - Three honours at the AKBW Award "Beispielhaftes Bauen Reutlingen"

In the “Beispielhaftes Bauen Reutlingen 2014-2020” award procedure of the Architect's Chamber Baden-Württemberg, Riehle+Assoziierte was awarded with three projects by the jury. The Art Depot Gratianusstiftung, the new GWG administration (Pfenning site) and the office building for Freiraumplanung Sigmund are amongst the awarded projects. Out of a total of 76 works submitted, 22 objects have earned the title "exemplary".
Photography: Roland Halbe

May 2020 – 1st prize in the competition for student housing on the Stuttgart-Vaihingen Campus

Riehle+Assoziierte received the 1st prize in the design competition for a new student housing development for Studierendenwerk Stuttgart. The specific site location at the ending of the western campus edge and the steep, sloping topography form the starting points for the principal ideas of ​​the project: with a high level of contextual sensitivity, the building ensemble is composed of two lower solitaires and one high-rise building grouped around a common base, hereby generating a concise, yet permeable completion of the residential development at the Allmandring on the Stuttgart-Vaihingen Campus. Rendering: Riehle+Assoziierte

August 2020 - Success at the ICONIC AWARDS 2020: Innovative Architecture

The AEB Headquarters in Stuttgart-Möhringen is one of the award winners of the internationally recognized architecture and design competition organised by the German Design Council. The independent jury is formed from representatives within the fields of architecture, interior design, design and brand communication and awards holistic projects and visionary buildings. The new headquarters of the software company AEB contributes to the question how we want to work today and reflects the open and transparent philosophy of the company.
Photography: Roland Halbe

January 2020 - 3rd prize, Extension Fanuc Headquarters Germany

Riehle+Assoziierte have won 3rd prize in the competition to extend the German development and production site of Fanuc, a Japanese electronic and mechanical engineering company. Located in Neuhausen auf den Fildern in the south of Stuttgart, the competition proposal for the high-tech company develops a new, representative building with a distinct urban accent. The new frontal building generates a welcoming gesture and completes the existing ensemble both in terms of functionality and design. Render: Ponnie Images

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January 2020 - Hannes Riehle at the expert panel on fire and noise protection - raumprobe, Stuttgart

On 29 January 2020, Hannes Riehle will present the headquarters of software company AEB in Stuttgart-Möhringen as part of the raumprobe expert panel. The topic of the lecture evening organised together with the Lindner Group is fire and noise protection in modern working environments. Photography: Alec Bastian

January 2020 - Evangelical Campus Nuremberg published in “wettbewerbe aktuell”

Our winning competition proposal for the Evangelical Campus Nuremberg is featured on the cover of the January issue of the magazine “wettbewerbe aktuell”. The competition entry resulting from a collaboration with Carmody Groarke (London) convinced the jury panel in an invited competition. The project proposes the extensive preservation of the building frame and transforms the existing structures into an inviting and generous ensemble that is more closely connected with the city. Sketch: Carmody Groarke

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December 2019 - 3rd price, Competition Hackstraße/Stöckachstraße

Riehle+Assoziierte have won 3rd price in the open, two stage competition for the new urban development of the industrial EnBW estate in Stuttgart. Combining continuity and transformation, the concept for the redeveloped city quarter carefully relates present and past connections with novel and future aspects. A balance of preservation and intervention, tradition and innovation forms a divers and dynamic new urban quarter, that generates character and value for the new living and urban spaces by the interplay of converted existing buildings and complemented new structures. Urban plan: Riehle+Assoziierte

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December 2019 - First Prize in the competition for the new Evangelical Campus Nuremberg

Riehle+Assoziierte, in collaboration with Carmody Groarke (London), have won the design competition for the new Evangelical Campus Nuremberg. The concept for the redevelopment and extension of a 1970s administration building creates an open and connective campus for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, that represents the Church in the center of the city and innovatively generates space for encounter, communication, research and education. The transformed external architectural language creates a more public and civic identity for the new building. Render: SLAB

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December 2019 - German Design Award Winner 2020

At this year's German Design Award, a renowned, internationally recognised design competition, the AEB Headquarters in Stuttgart was able to succeed in the category »Excellent Architecture«. Whilst the building impresses from the outside with its formally simple design, the jury praised above all the highly flexible spatial structure of the interior. With its timeless and high-quality ambience, the new building contributes to the current architectural discussion about contemporary working environments. The German Design Award, initiated in 2012, is awarded by the German Design Council.

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March 2019 - Synod Evangelical church of Württemberg

The project for the new service buildings of the Evangelical Church of Württemberg in Stuttgart was presented at the synod in March 2019. The concept and the budget of the project was unanimously approved by the members of the Evangelical synod. The submission of the planning application is scheduled for the end of August. Render: Ponnie Images

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March 2019 - BDA Appointment

Hannes Riehle and Maximilian Köth were appointed members of the BDA (Bund Deutscher Architekten) in March 2019. All members of the BDA foster the quality of architecture and take on responsibility towards society and environment by their architectural work and action.

February 2019 - GARP Completion building frame

The structural frame of the GARP Education Centre in Nürtingen was completed in February 2019. The new building for the Education Centre for metal-working professions sits as a single storey pavilion within a beautiful landscape and is conceived as a skeletal steel frame resting on a series of concrete cores. The project was won by a competition in March 2017, the competition is scheduled for the end of 2019.

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December 2018 - 3rd prize, Education Centre IHK Northern Black Forest

Our competition entry for the IHK Education Centre Northern Black Forest was awarded 3rd prize. The concept of this education centre is defined by a simple urban figure creating two new public spaces of different purpose and character. Registering the specific location at the junction of two streets, the angled, L-shaped building forms a new public forecourt and a more intimate courtyard with good amenity values. 

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August 2018 - Completion Art Depot Gratianusstiftung

The Art Depot for the Gratianusstiftung Reutlingen, creating required depot area that applies to current observation standards, was completed in August 2018. The building is conceived as a solid, fair-faced concrete volume with a simple, archetypal form. The sloped roof mediates between different adjacent parapet heights and hereby generates a strong street presence and clear address. Photography: Roland Halbe

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July 2018 - best architects 19

The AEB Headquarters in Stuttgart-Möhringen was awarded the label ‘best architects 19’ in the category administration buildings. ‘best architects’ is a renowned architectural award and a valuable indicator registering current tendencies in architecture. The publication ‘best architects 19’ presents a complete documentation of this year’s winning projects. Photography: Roland Halbe 

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May 2018 German Lighting-Design-Award

The AEB Headquarters in Stuttgart-Möhringen was awarded the German Lighting-Design-Award 2018 in the category office and administration buildings. The building’s architecture and lighting design allow views into and through divers, spatial constellations and express the company’s philosophy and ethos of openness and transparency. Photography: Roland Halbe 

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November 2017 - Real Estate Award Stuttgart 2017

The AEB Headquarters was awarded a mention at the 2017 Real Estate Award of the metropolitan area Stuttgart. The award marks extraordinary buildings and projects within the greater area of Stuttgart, that set standards in terms of design, economy and ecology. Photography: Roland Halbe

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